Surrounding area

There’s a lot to discover in the area around the campsite. From close-to-nature enjoyment on the saddle of a bike or on horseback, to speed and action on the Nürburgring…

There’s something to suit everyone!

Bridge at Remagen

Situated right next to the ‘Goldene Meile’ campsite are the towers of the former Ludendorff Bridge, better known as the ‘Bridge at Remagen’. After the Americans captured the bridge during the Second World War, German leaders gave the command to destroy the link over the Rhine. Today a Peace Museum is located in the old towers on the Remagen side of the river.

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The Silver Arrows, the ‘Green Hell’ and a place where legends are born! The Nürburgring is a firmly established giant in the history of German motorsport and ranks as one of Germany’s best known national monuments.

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Ahr wine-growing region

Take in the beauty of the unique landscape of the Ahr Valley, just outside the gates of Bonn. Savour a landscape of fields and forests, of steep slopes, vineyards and water meadows.

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Brohltal Express

At a leisurely speed of just 20 km/h the trains pulled by steam and diesel locomotives bring their passengers from Brohl am Rhein to Engeln in the Eifel region. Fascinating rock formations, initially shale, then volcanic trass and tuff, accompany you during the journey along the Brohlbach stream to Burgbrohl.

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Maria Laach

The Maria Laach Abbey is located in the Vulkaneifel region, one of Europe’s ‘youngest’ volcanic landscapes. The Laacher Lake and its surrounding range of hills were formed around 10,000 BC.

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Rolandseck Wildlife Park

Here you can observe local wildlife (red deer, fallow deer, mouflons, wild boars) as well as several domestic animal species (sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies, highland cattle). The animals live in natural environments, as far as is possible, with lots of space and quiet, secluded areas in which they can retreat. The wild boars and highland cattle are fenced off, all the other animal species can be observed wandering free as you follow the walking paths.

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Adventure climbing park

A trip to the forest climbing park ‘Paradieswiese’ in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler offers a uniquely memorable experience. Here the whole family can enjoy a day of sport and adrenaline-inducing fun amid the great outdoors. The climbing park offers several different routes of various levels of difficulty. The ultimate highlight is Germany’s longest flying fox! Savour the unforgettable views as you soar 30 m above the Ahr Valley.

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Horse riding

Exploring the vast forests, deep stream valleys and high mountain ridges with glorious views on horseback offers a unique close-to-nature experience. Get away from it all and enjoy a ride under expert guidance amid the tranquillity of the Eifel landscape.

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Crazy golf

There are several crazy golf courses close to the campsite where you can enjoy a fun tournament with the whole family and put your skills to the test. Here are just a few of the crazy golf courses:

Bad Breisig
Am Kurhotel

Brohltalstrasse 181
(0 26 36) 65 56

Bad Bodendorf
(0 26 42) 90 47 46


The Remagen Tennis Club is located very close to the campsite. During the summer season from May to October eight sand courts and one hard court are available for non-members too.

Guests are always welcome!

8 € per person for one hour singles, 6 € for 1 ½ hours doubles. Youths pay just 3 € / 2 €.

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Cycling tours

The Rhine Cycle Route starts right from our campsite. You can follow the Rhine Cycle Route no fewer than 330 kilometres through Rhineland-Palatinate and discover many treasures along the river’s route. The cycle path even takes you over and beyond the state’s borders to North Rhine-Westphalia. After just a few hundred metres, the Rhine Cycle Route also leads on to the Ahr Cycle Route.

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Motorbike tours

Our campsite offers an ideal starting point for fantastic motorbike tours, into the Ahr Valley, for example, or to the Nürburgring.